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Tom And Jerry Big School Adventure We know what we are up against game I’ll have my team will come up with a strategyWe will Stop this terrorist game Pull Over When you are so close to your goals game for which you’ve consumed your life game You start to wonder, What’s next? WhisperingYou know what’s next! Don’t you ever feel game that what we do here gameis wrong We’re match made in heaven Don’t you think? I’ve something so important to focus on game I managed to get everyone on the tableI’m this close to get the dam built Zoya I’ve come to say you GoodBye You know what I think? I think you are FULL OF SHIT .So Fucking Full of Shit game We don’t belong with each other Wow Mr. Ijaz Khan Wow game that is just so convenient game All of sudden, you wanna beMr. HotshotFuckingPolitician and you want to shed melike excess baggage that’s what it isisn’t it? or is it because of your wife? Your selfrighteous bitchofawife! Wait ok Look I’m I’m Sorry, we cantalk about this everything that I just said,I didn’t mean it I’ll be whoever you want me to be game I’ll do whatever you want me to do I’m Sorry When I heard about attack on you game I was convinced that the attackercould be Ramal game for you were the first to penetrate hisnetwork and arrest him game arrest him and hand him overto law for what? So he can escape again game where would that lead me now? The only law that I believe in is theone That I make with my clock that law is the charge, the juryand the executioner I should’ve killed him that day. Look at youwhat’ve you become game This blind rage and thrist for revenge You think I don’t know what you’vebeen upto for the last three years Who do you think, has been covering up for all your mess they got what they deserve I know your pain, Mujtaba, Believe me, I know game But this is bigger than all of us game I am offering you a deal Help Us!! Help Pakistan game I’ll give you a clean slatefor the rest of your life You can give me back my life Now I know the reason why I am alive gamegame Ramal and there’s only one thing standingbetween him and Pakistan