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Tom And Jerry Xtreme escape Sorry Game It Came Like This. I’m Not Sure I Understand. This Is A Model Home. They Used It To Show Prospective Buyers. Why Did They Sell It? They Didn’t Need It Anymore. And The Price Was So Low. We Assumed That The Other Units Had Been Sold As Well. That Wasn’t The Case? No. They Decided To Stop Building. Why? The Developer Went Bankrupt. Then You’re The Only Ones Who Are Staying In This Whole Development? Well, For Now. They Can’t Just Game Someone Will Take Over The Project. They Can’t Leave It Like This Game We Don’t Know When. Well! Game Isn’t That Special? Our Brother Sends Them. They Are Photographs Of Our Old Neighborhood. He Still Lives There. Why Is She Burning Them? She Doesn’t Like To Save Things. She Doesn’t Like To Save Things Game So Tell Us About The Movie You’re Making Game Hum Game What Would You Like To Know? Who’s In It? Nobody Game Nobody Big. Why Did You Choose This House? Well Game I Guess For The Same Reasons That You Did, I Guess! Hum Game It’s All Alone, It’s Unto Itself Game Of Course, You Thought That Would Be Different, That You Would Have Neighbors Game But You Don’t Game Not Yet. Does That Suit Your Character? My Character? The Character In The Film Who’s Supposed To Live Here. The Person In The Film! Well Game The Persons Who Are Supposed To Live Here Are Going Through A Very Strange Time In Their Lives. They Have Everything They Want. Or They Have Means To Have Everything They Want Game But They Don’t Know What They Need. So They Try Different Things Game And This House Is One Of Them. I’m Not Sure I Game I’m Not Sure I Understand. Well Game Some Of The Places You See, You Wouldn’t Think Twice About. They Pass Right Through You. And Then Game For No Reason, You Can See A House And Game Find Yourself Wondering What Is Going On Inside Of Those Walls? And Sometimes, The Opportunity Comes To Find Out. It Could Be A Game An Open Door That You’re Passing At Night Game It Could Be A Quick Peek Into Someone Else’s Family, Or Game It Could Be Game An Invitation To Dinner,