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So why didn’t you stay? You knew I’d cover for you. I was thinking about what Mr. Hilliard said about needing to back-seed the death speech. Liar. Sorry. Games a tower From the pure and crystal fountain Hmm. And it’s there I shall rain All the flowers of the mountain Will ye go, lassie, go And we’ll all go together To pull wild mountain thyme All around the blooming heather Bomber’s moon. Someone’ll be copping it. So Games Another couple of days in Devon. London for the studio shoot. Then what? Back to Careless Talk and carrots? Don’t know. Swain’s talking about another feature. Air-raid wardens. There’ll be slop. I don’t know. Here. I’ll get you a real desk. Marry you. What? I’m already married. No, you’re not. That was private. It was a private conversation. You had to buy the ring yourself in Woolworths. When times got hard, he tried to send you back to Wales, and he’s disappointed in you? He’s a stupid bloody fool, but he’s not as much of a fool as you. He changed your name, for Christ’s sake! Where’s your self-respect? How dare you? You have no one. You don’t know. I know you deserve better. You? You’re the better? Catrin– I– I– I think– Look, I think you’re mustard. And I think Games you’re a drunk, squalid bully. Come and get out of the water. Hush! You were speaking of Flight Lieutenant Lundbeck. Ah. You know he only did the film under orders. “They told me it would be good for Eagle Squadron recruitment, sir.” He’s desperate to get back in the air, poor boy. Tea, sir? Thank you. Oh! Um Games Oh, I Games Thruppence, please. Please. There. Well, as long as you receive an adequate coaching fee, I see no objection to your continuing to instruct him. Fee? Yes. Certainly a fee. I shall be raising the matter with Mr. Baker today. Is there anything else you wish me to discuss with him? Your dressing room is adequate? Uh Games Oh, your intimate needs are being catered for? Mmm? Sammy once mentioned you do not like to share studio facilities with crew. Electricians in particular? Yes. Well, one mustn’t complain.