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 In most of the northern hemisphere, spring is on the way. But there is still one part of the world that is locked in winter. Long after January the th, on average the coldest day in the northern hemisphere, winter still clings on in the Arctic. I’ve come to Greenland, where there’s definitely not much sign of spring yet. This is Kulusuk. It’s a tiny settlement of just  people perched on the edge of an island in eastern Greenland. To the north of here is the Arctic Circle and the Greenland ice cap. Kulusuk is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean. At this time of year, it’s frozen, covered in a thick layer of sea ice. I’ve come here to find out about sea ice – how far it extends and why it hasn’t melted, despite the fact that it’s now March, the days are getting longer and the amount of solar energy is increasing. In fact, not only is the sea ice not melting, it’s still expanding. Each year, the extent of the sea ice is different. To see how far it reaches this year, I need to travel right to the edge of the sea ice.