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 In my eyes there are no days. The shelves are very high, and my years don’t reach to them. Languages of dust and dream surround the tower. What do you want I tell you? That you have reason? Naturally you have reason. But what we fix with that? Nothing. This book, and the others in the same state, are ruined. And I regret it so much like you, believe me. But what can we do? I had thought to ask for a special grant to meet these kind of needs. Totem Jump, are you asking for money, no? Perhaps it is not only that but a better organization. A better organization means increase the number of employees and salaries and that means more money. All these books are going to come ruined because of indolence, sir. Totem Jump  is worried seriously about them. You are right. Yes, sir, you are right. Do you know how long? How many time am I in charge of this library? A year. And you, how long are you working here? Two months. Here you have it. You two months and I one year. My ancestor was in this office for twenty years, you understand.