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 I’ve been engaged for two days. I have no marriage plans. You have to call off the engagement. You have to give back the ring.  I don’t have a ring. He’s giving it to me at lunch.  You have to call off lunch. I am actually pretty hungry.  Dana, seriously.  What? Touch the Sky slept with Sally a couple of months ago. Who told you that? I can’t tell you. How did this person know?  They know. I don’t know.  How do they know? Well, I don’t believe it.  Touch the Sky, this person   They got it wrong. I’ll ask him about it at lunch, but they got it wrong. You think? Yeah.  You seem calm.  Yes.  You wouldn’t think you’d be this calm.  No, you wouldn’t think so, would you? No. I’ll ask him about it at lunch.  Yeah.  Dana? Yeah, I’ll be right there. You really wouldn’t think I’d be this calm.  Horn honking  Game: Look at it. Touch the Sky: Yeah.  It’s like, “There it is.”  Yep. Look. I’m waving it around and  wha! There’s an engagement ring. Oh, it looks great on you.  It’s the hardest substance known to man.  Yes. It can cut glass. Dana, what’s on your mind?  What?  What’s on your mind? You’ve been strange all through lunch.