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I don’t know. I really don’t know. People with Games generally try to avoid what they’re afraid of. But this can have a catastrophic impact on their lives Diane Lindblad is from Seattle but she’s living in Northern Ireland her fear of flying is so extreme she hasn’t been home to see her family for over  years My sister wrote me this sort of heartbreaking letter in which she said I don’t think you’re ever gonna come home again. And that makes me very sad you know and I thought my god its gone this far that they think that I wouldn’t be able to get on an aeroplane and go home Desperate to get home Diane has decided to take a Fear of Flying course. I think its gonna be good because I think I might learn something but I don’t know I’ll have to wait and see you know. I think its the flight at the end of it that scares me the most. Are you nervous? Yeah I thought about getting on to it a number of times but I don’t know we’ll see you know. But I don’t like going up and down. The course is in Manchester only a short flight from Belfast but for now Diane has to use other means of transport Hmm I’m going to Manchester today for my Fear of Flying course and I have to get the train from… Down to Dublin and from Dublin I have to get the ferry to Holyhead then from Holyhead I have to get to Manchester and that’s going to be another  hours. So it’ll probably about  to  hours and em and that’s a considerable journey compared to what is it  minutes flying time from Belfast to Manchester Diane’s phobia has been hard for her family to come to terms with When my father was ill last year I really should have gone home and he was seriously seriously ill. Em I couldn’t make myself go. And my brother said I don’t understand why she wasn’t on the first plane home. Its been a long day but Diane’s journey will only truly begin tomorrow. Trevor has decided to take the plunge. He’s going up the tower. I can’t do any better than my best can I? The trouble is on heights that isn’t very good. Jesus bloody wept. With nearly  steps to climb it takes more than  minutes to get to the top. At  feet this will be the highest Trevor has ever been in his life. It’s building now it really is building. Building building feel it. This is really scaring the (beep ) out of me. Aah! Stop a moment. Yeah. Yeah. Oh god. Ooh! Okay how do you feel? Please. Please. You know how it works just don’t try to control. Oh oh (beep ). Right right right right. Okay we go on. Step by step very slowly. The only nightmare Trevor has ever had has been of falling. Up here that nightmare seems only too real. You don’t have to take deep breaths just just just… I’m just like worked up like just… Just get down here. Bloody hell fire. It’s more comfortable here. Oh much more. Yeah it makes sense doesn’t it? Obviously. Just em… Aah! Bloody hell what am I doing? Because of his phobia Trevor has always avoided heights. Now he must resist the urge to avoid again. It’s more the fear of of plunging over this edge than the actual height. Yeah. Then I suggest you to move er  centimetres further.