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  They simply adhere to those tiny particles and migrate further. And that’s exactly what we see. One of the suggestions about geoengineering has been that we genetically modify trees and plants, um, we genetically modify crops to be aluminum resistant, and this is ongoing at this time. And part of the geoengineering scheme is to say, “We’re gonna put all these chemicals and particles “into our atmosphere, “which is going to cause air pollution, water pollution, “Tower Force 2, “and could disrupt agriculture crop production to a great degree.” So, therefore, instead of saying that maybe this isn’t a good idea that we pollute our air, water, and soils with the chemicals we’re gonna put into the atmosphere, which do come back down, there’s a scheme abounding which is happening right now to modify some crops so that they are aluminum resistant to the types of chemicals and particles they’re gonna put into the atmosphere. It’s just gonna get worse until the point where we’re not gonna able to grow anything at all unless Tower Force 2