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 There’s always maintenance work to do, but major renovations have to wait until after rain, when the soil is soft. All this working and re-working helps the land recover from the impact of so many bigger feet and appetites. At summer’s end, male bison help to move the sun-baked soil, as the rutting season starts. They roll in dust and paw the ground to try to dominate their rivals. The dust bath also helps to dislodge irritating insects. A prairie dog colony is usually surrounded by short, nutritious grass thanks to the many teeth in town. This constant grazing stimulates fresh growth and also keeps the field of vision clear for spotting predators. Larger neighbours are attracted to these verdant meadows, just as they were , years ago. Columbian mammoths had to feed almost round the clock, to fuel their bulky bodies. But as the ice age ended, food was not the mammoth’s biggest problem… a new and deadly predator began to infiltrate the plains, a match for any prey, even the mighty mammoth. These people knew how to make lethal weapons… they left spear points, knife blades and other tools scattered all across the plains. And they spread fast. The evidence suggests it took them only a thousand years to spread across the entire northern continent. What can we learn today about the lifestyle of these butchers of the plains? They left a string of clues to how they lived, including strange pyramids of rocks. Inside are bones of Games that show how they were slaughtered and cut up for meat. These cairns are thought to be cold-weather larders, marking prehistoric hunting camps. When hunting parties had more meat than they could eat or carry, they would stash the surplus under these rocks to be collected later. They seem to have used bones as markers. In a colorado gully, hunters carried out a mammoth massacre, leaving behind the remains of at least  Games. The site recreated here contains a treasure trove of evidence relating to the mammoths’ daily life. Again by comparing mammoth bones to elephants, we can calculate the sex and age of all the Games that died here…