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Tractor Racing Time This old furniture is charming. On this at least we can agree. And not just that, I hope. Is this enough? Yes, thanks. There’s no shortage. One wouldn’t think so to see you. You’d rather wine. A good glass of wine is the good God in velvet breeches. That’ll do, drunkard. I suppose my sisterinlaw has spoken to you about game The absence of my brother. Yes, Miss. Could you please avoid the subject in her presence. Right. She has a weak heart. Moreover, there is no need to panic. My brother was able to make a discovery large enough game to justify his departure. Mr. De Malveneur was a doctor? He is much better than that. What? What is it now? Edouard! Now you understand why the locals are reluctant to cross the gates of the chateau. You know that for centuries, we’re forbidden the cemetery. When we die, we’re buried here like dogs. Just like dogs! It’s difficult to accept the persistence of such a legend. Alas! When they talk of “our place” it isn’t “ours” like the others. The allusion is direct, believe me. What they say doesn’t matter. Why worry about it? Their hostility is painful. Why? It shouldn’t bother you: You’re only a Malveneur incidentally. Go and tell that gentleman over there this isn’t in a public park. He’s doing no harm. He’s painting. Dear Estelle, there was a time when we’d set the dogs on him. Let him get caught elsewhere. Understand? Tell the painter over there that it’s not a public park and he should go and paint elsewhere. Idiot! Just tell him to go. Another who’ll be hostile to us game My dear Estelle, I must confess that I don’t care. Till this evening. Come, Fando. She always makes up stories. He won’t run off with the chateau. I’ll go and warn the gentleman. Excuse me? Finally! Finally what? Finally, the Sleeping Beauty awakes. Unfortunately, it’s not for you to say such nice things. Hello anyway. Hello, master. I’ve been chosen, unfortunately to ask you to leave. You have been chosen specifically to tell me? No, but since there were unpleasant things to say, I’d rather it was done by someone who didn’t think them.