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But many women did like this scenario enormously. What do you want from me? Answer. Let me through, Serge. Answer, I’m asking you where you’re coming from! Where did you go? Ever since my earliest childhood, I was ashamed of the behavior of men towards women, very early, very early! Each has a right to have a chance. Is that what you’re saying? Perhaps. I’m going. Don’t be afraid. Even the behavior of my father… My father, whom I love tenderly, but I said to myself: “Women, they don’t get so much fun out of life!” And even when you’re young, when you relate to young women, that came very early to those lads. And when the historic movement found a voice, it grew sharper, it had to go faster, become popular! You think I don’t know how he sees me? It’s just that when he’s interested and I call him, I’m happy he responds. But if he leaves me with the kids, I’m not up to it, I’m not ashamed to say. We try to explain that a woman isn’t… What, a woman? Me too, I’m a woman! It’s for this good reason, good or bad, that I made “A Simple Story”. But it isn’t my best film. Because in fact, the messages accumulated a bit too much. That said, I still think the film has really nice elements and that Romy is extraordinary. – What? – Nothing, you know… – You make me laugh. – I laugh at myself too, sometimes. I can’t seem to have a man and a child at the same time. And as time passes, it seems less important. I realized that it’s that it’s exactly that what I wanted to avoid in contemporaneity and there, I fell in the trap. And this decision, did you take it by yourself? Yes. But you’re already months pregnant. Did you want it? Yes. And moreover, for good reasons. When reasons are bad, you can poke fun, while when reasons are good, you’re not tempted to poke fun. Because… Because I live with someone. He’s and… I can’t explain it in one sentence. But… I’m going to leave him. I think that A Bad Son is perhaps more autobiographical than his other films.