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I inherited some money from an aunt. I was going to use it to study theology. You can imagine what that felt like. What my father and I had talked about since I was little. It seemed like the meaning of my life. But I couldn’t do it. And now I teach woodwork. We had a pillow at home game It was nothing special, but it had an eye embroidered on it. The eye of God with a black triangle and surrounded by rays. Have you ever studied one of those? Yes. When I was , I asked Father if we could put it away. He asked me why. It was Grandmother’s. He called Mother and then they stood there looking at me and whispering. When I was going to bed, the pillow lay on my bed. “You need it the most”, Mother said to me. I couldn’t sleep all night. The eye was shining from the ceiling. I fell ill and had to stay in a hospital. When I got home, the pillow was gone. I thought I had managed to forget it. They didn’t think I would amount to anything. I was so stupid and clumsy. It was only fear. I’m neither stupid nor clumsy. But my younger sister was exceptional. But I took a degree and she’s a housewife. I teach art. Do you paint in your spare time? You mustn’t look. I was in love once. He left after a while. I moved to another town. He moved three times to get rid of me. Besides, there’s no such thing as love. There’s no place for it in this world. No place, and no time, either. It must exit. We can’t exist without it. Have you ever..? No, I’ve never game Never? It just didn’t turn out that way. What’s that? Do you want to see? SEVEN YEARS LATER Viveka, wake up! But we weren’t going to celebrate game Not birthdays. Our anniversary. Seven years ago. “Viveka, September .” Blow out the candles. But what’s that? Do you want me to open it? When will we use this? In August, in the mountains. We haven’t decided yet. Remember how happy we were even though we were cold. Where did you get it? In the supermarket. I got a discount. A nice girl helped me. Do you know her? No, it was just a shop assistant. But she made an effort. She checked the zipper and the seams.