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Travis . She hates dirt and bacteria . The beast is dirty . She will not touch it. Think you will still be there in the morning ? Where were they going ? Crazy. Stand up. What have you done to the car , what does not? Nothing . No? we’ll see. I’ll call . No, I ‘ll call . He called . Trying to deceive me . yesterday would not start , and now picks . What did you do ? Why not start today ? Speak Arabic ? What did he say ? What Saleh sabotaged the engine . Show me . Game you . He fixed it , ok ? Turn around . Knees . Now you can call for your mother . Let them go . Which side are you? Tells me . Empty your pockets . Empty them . With one hand . Come on. Continue . Take off your coat . Go with it . There are problems , I’ll kill you . Take off your coat . Take it easy I found it on the roof . An arrest warrant for this man. The real name is Issam Benhamou . Wanted for murder and diamond smuggling and weapons . He hid in the desert in a small village . Waited until you reach the Essaouira and then Brussels. The police had a clue and sent three men to arrest him . Benhamou killed in the bag . The other two arrested him and requested a car . An officer ran upstairs and died instantly . The third was stuck under the car , when Benhamou strangled . We have to leave. Where is my charger ? Yes My God. Give me your phone. We need to change the car, before the police see us . Can I use your phone? Yes Quickly, is about to hang Brahim . ‘m Saleh . This home? Stay there , I’m on my way. I need you . Listen . Hello ? Brahim ? Hung up . Will you help us ? Do not be a problem. I am indebted to you . He would have killed us all of us except her. Your tattoo on arm what it says ? Scalpel . Scalpel ? What makes Saleh ? Like I said , fixing tires . Where did you learn to shoot like that ? Two years in the Army five years in the white sand . What is White Sand ? A security company . Iraq? was also Afghanistan ? How did it get there? They sought who spoke Arabic