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Hopeless. We’ll see to it tomorrow, OK? Listen, is it after midnight already? Yep. At Erna’s Cafe there’s ground pork rolls from yesterday at half price. Who’s coming? Count me in! Ground pork rolls! We’ve earned it. Uwe! Ground pork rolls at half price! Shit! Shit! Oh, shit! Sorry I’m late. Great. You worked all night? On a few changes. But now we’ve distilled the essence of the best. Your campaign’s going to be great. Wonderful. You know what, Lukas? I’ve decided to shoot the ad myself. Mr. Schätzing is one of our most esteemed clients. Flattery will get you everywhere, Thierry. What? Go get yourself a coffee. The guys are still setting up. For me a cappuccino and for Peter an espresso with three sugars and no milk. You remembered. Of course. Come on, I’ll show you everything. We’ll start in front They found him in his motorhome: heart attack. Here one minute, gone the next. Adam drove around with the corpse for a week. Our Sweetie Boy? Bigmouth Adam’? Do you know why they fired him? Because he rammed the van.