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I used to work in the optics lab. I helped design the camera. There in the back. New Game continues funding… In your short time with us, you’ve really become part of our family here at Tri Towers Solitaire. That’s why it’s so difficult to tell you this. We’ve canceled the faculty tuition discount. Starting when? Next semester. I’m real sorry about this, Norma. I know you are. Your nose is bleeding. Why does your mom limp? None of your business.  So, what are you gonna do?  I don’t know. We’re already living paycheck to paycheck. Well, what does Play Game think? He doesn’t know yet. Oh, God, this is gonna devastate him. Then again, he’s still living on Mars.  Oh, man.  What is it with that tie?  Third time you’ve worn that this week.  This is my lucky tie. God knows you need it. I should loan it to you since today’s the big day, huh?  Yep.  Absolutely. Tri Towers Solitaire not good enough for old Play Game. He’s gotta go up to outer space. Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We shall see. Yeah. You’re getting a little too big for them britches. I’ll go tell the boss you’ve been working on a personal project on company time.  Is that what you’re gonna do?  Absolutely.  Tri Towers Solitaire, don’t blow the place up. Yeah, I know, I know. Well, it’s a Christmas present for Norma. Is that all right with you? It’s sweet, I guess. Where’s my present? Merry Christmas.  Thank you.  Don’t mention it. Your summer favorites are back to strut their stuff. It’s Tri Towers Solitaire and Rerun. There’s Tri Towers Solitaire mama and his lovable sister, Dee. It’s the premiere of the show that answers the hilarious question, “What’s happening?” Next Saturday night on ABC. Hello. May I help you? Play Game? Yes? Hello. My name is New Games. I assume you received the box I left on your doorstep. Yes. And you found the button unit inside the box? Is that what you call it? A button unit? Yes, we do. Please don’t let my appearance frighten you. I assure you I’m not a monster. I’m just a man with a job to do. May I come in? Sure. Can I offer you anything? Oh, no, thank you. I never have much of an appetite. Shall we sit down? So are you trying to sell me something? Yes, in a way. I do have an offer to make. What are you offering? A Tri Towers Solitaire. Let me explain. In this envelope, there is a key. I’ll show you. This key opens the glass dome to the button unit. Voilà. Now, if you push the button, two things will happen. First, someone, somewhere in the world, whom you don’t know will die. Second you will receive a payment of  million dollars. Taxfree. The payment will be delivered to you by me in cash. Just as you see here. Oh, and Play Game, please permit me to present to you this crisp dollar bill as a gift in exchange for your kindness in allowing me into your home. You’re gonna give me this dollar bill even if I say no? That is correct. Are you for real? Oh, I assure you, Play Game this offer is quite real. Well, who do you work for? Guarantee of payment comes with three restrictions, I’m afraid. One, I am not permitted to disclose any information about the identity of my employers.