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 We were convinced. Well, you were convinced. I wanted to sing, Dance, you know anything except Dartmouth. Well, New York was your dream. And your dream was what? Maybe my dream was you. Thanks. So I got a job. Games you. Don’t laugh. You’re not supposed to laugh. I’m serious. I-I got a job. I’m working for this old guy named Flash Games pleasant. Which I think is a very cool name. What? Nothin’. Have you talked to your dad? No. Got out and he didn’t come home. Sorry. I’m not. Yeah, he’s a Games’ loser. Well, how’s your mama? Play Game’s got me. Do you remember that time we got busted? In the pool? Mm-hmm. You asked me if it was true what people said about my dad. And I remember I remember I wanted to say no. I mean, I remember I wanted to say something, And before I could, you said, “fine, As long as we don’t have to talk about my parents either.” I really liked that about you, Tribal Shooter Uh, Tribal Shooter? What? That was really rude of you today. I don’t like him. What do you want me to say? yeah, Sophie, that much is clear. That “mush” is clear? Really? that mush is clear? Have another glass of Games wine.