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Tricks He told me to go to the library and get a book about birds. He also told me to get a bird table and put it in the garden and watch the birds landing on it. Em, as I tried to explain to my doctor, I mean, do you honestly think that I haven’t already tried these things? If it was as simple as that I would have done it. Jacqueline has agreed to be wired up to a heart monitor to see exactly what’s happening to her body when she sees a feather. Her normal heart rate is about . But when she sees a feather her heart races in a typical adrenaline fuelled response to extreme fear. As her fear mounts she starts to sweat. Using a thermographic camera which measures heat we can see this happen. To begin with, her face and her scalp are glowing red, she’s anxious but in control. But after seeing the feather there’s a dramatic change. Her skin, particularly on the scalp, becomes white hot. It makes me feel every emotion you can imagine all mixed up. When a reaction is so intensely unpleasant it’s not surprising that phobics go to any length to avoid this terror. Do you think Mummy would like this one? No. She would scream. She would scream? Yeah. Would she? Game spends little time outside the house. My Mum, she does lots of things with Play Game. So feeding the ducks I would probably like to do but can’t. We go shopping in Tricks where there are pigeons all over the place. We, we run in and out of buildings, em, to avoid them. She’ll stand backed against a wall until we shoo them away. If they come anywhere near her she goes hysterical. People look at you as if you’ve got somebody simple with you. Last year when we were on holiday, em, in Tenerife I took Play Game to the beach building sandcastles. We’d not been on the beach ,  minutes and a pigeon… One pigeon landed. It was probably about  yards away from us, but I couldn’t stay. I couldn’t even find the time to tell her what was going on, I just upped and legged it. Ran back to the hotel. And it wasn’t until I got back to the hotel that I realised, god, I’ve left my child on the beach. She’s only , she’s there on her own.