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Tricky Rick  suicide Have you ever seen someone hanging by the neck? No The tongue will be hanging out till here After that i couldnt sleep at night all of a sudden i’d hear her voices Like she’s close by me Like she’s touching me i’d feel like someone was always there in my room one day night i woke up all of a sudden To see her on my bed near my legs Her! It was Her Tricky Rick was right there and looking at me She was telling me something I quickly turned on the lights to find no one in the room hey You aint getting scared are you? No no. go on The college itself was talking about that only for a few days After that, i was not able to stay at that hostel at all Changing different rooms And here i am in this house,  years from then without any problems have you seen her after that? mmm i’ve seen her but i got used to it the creepiness disappeared paving the way for interest i once even tried talking to her But She didnt talk back why? Even now she could be in this very room She could be sitting closeby and listening in to whatever we are talking actually if something like this happens to someone close to us,thoughts such as these would often come and go you are using them and exagger These are not mere thoughts They do exist Did you know that in chennai alone there are  people commiting suicide every year? How many of them are dying in accidents? What became of them? Even recently they showed in idhayam program about a building in chennai where ghosts are apparently on the loose saw that? Two years back the death of two policemen at the entrance of the same house remains a mystery till date Where is that building by the way? why? to feel freaked out everytime you pass by that side eh? Like you’ve told me very less now you’re so freaked out just hearing about it what will you do should you witness it? Stuff like these, rather than witnessing it for real it is even more scary when people like you have to narrate it Honestly, these devils, ghosts exist eh? For everyone, there will come a moment in life a moment that makes the unbelievable, believable if something like that happens to you, you will also believe thu Tricky Rick Your moment is waiting Whose that….