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What few years I’ve left of this life, I want to enjoy. A woman should certainly have the privilege of seeing her own daughter whenever she wants to. Mother. Oh, hello, honey. What did you tell Johnny? Nothing. Nothing at all. Why? Is he gone? Yes, he’s gone. Too bad you didn’t marry that Kitchener boy. He and his wife are living out on Lakeshore Drive. Not that Johnny isn’t decent and honest and all, but you should’ve had a man to give you the comforts of life. If you’d listened to me, you’d never have married Johnny in the first place. Telephone for you, Pop. OK, Bill. Sergeant Kelly. Hello Pop, I hate to bother you Games Games but I’ve been worried about Johnny. He’s been acting so strangely. And just tonight I found part of a letter he started to write to his captain. What did it say? Well, it sounded as if Games Games I hate to say this Games Games but it sounded as if he was thinking of quitting. I’m sure you’re wrong. There’s nothing the matter with Johnny. Nevertheless I wish you’d have a talk with him. I’ll catch up with him at roll call. Will you call me later? Sure. You take it easy now and quit fretting. I can’t help it, Pop. I love the guy. That makes two of us. Kelly. Junior, that is. Here. Williams. Here. Game O’Malley. Game Here. Game Henderson. Game Here. Game Michaels. Game Present, sir. How long you been with us, Michaels? Three months and two days, sir. Game You want to see Johnny? Game Is he all checked in? Take off, Junior. Game King. Game Here. Game Griffin. Game Here. Game Conlin. Game Here. Game MacAleer. Game Here. Something wrong, Pop? I just happened to be in the station. Game Oh. Game Well, I’ll walk you down to the garage. Game How have things been going? Game Fine, fine, great. Couldn’t be better. Sour about something? I hear the Bears are a one touchdown favorite Sunday. Don’t change the subject. Stop digging at me. What’s the matter, Johnny? Don’t you like your job? Yeah. It’s making me filthy rich