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Now, about this eminent discussion. Mmm-hmm. I have one or two modest suggestions. Mmm. Do sit down. Oh, dear. Now, my dear Harding Games Well, here we are in a typical expresso coffee bar. And in this rather synthetically exotic decor, the teenagers relax after the day’s work. Am I on yet? It’s finished. Oh, no, I missed it. Missed my first film. How did I look? You came out wonderful, Bongo. No kidding? Hey, why wasn’t Johnny here to see me? What kind of a manger is he, anyway? For you, good. Probably holding Mayer down to a hot television set. Perhaps I’ll come on again, huh? Well, I don’t know about you, but that left me absolutely breathless just watching it again. Now, what is the answer to this astonishing phenomenon of our time? With us in the studio tonight, we have a distinguished panel of experts to discuss it. The Reverend Tobias Craven. Good evening. An important Harley Street psychiatrist. Good evening. And last, but certainly not least, a man who has been responsible for much of what we’re here to discuss, Mr Johnny Jackson, a well-known artist manager. Hiya, cats! How the hell did he get on there? Oh, that Johnny. He’s a really deep character! Now, Doctor, would you say this was just a healthy sign of high spirits? It’s not as simple as that. Adolescents in our time demand outlets for their frustration. See? You’re frustrated, Bongo! You need some bint! Seek elsewhere. The drums Bongo beats may stand for someone he doesn’t like, or they may be a simple means of evacuating tension. What’s all that about? Huh? Bint. The whole mass of whirling conflict surge up to a pounding climax. Afterwards, in its relaxation of tension, the face is almost beautiful. Hear that? You’re almost beautiful, Bongo. Do me a favour. Shh! Craven? Speaking personally, I welcome the whole phenomenon. After all, many popular songs do have a touch of religion. Uh, speaking for myself Games Of course, many others are frankly pagan. Uh, speaking for myself Games We have to reach the people at their own level. Mr Jackson? Still