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UFO Mission, Play UFO Mission Game, Online UFO Mission Games
Use A and D or Left and Right Arrow keys to move your UFO.

UFO Mission There’s ways of dealing with that. I’ll find a way. Really? What ways? We need to get rid of the body. I’m calling… I’m calling the police. I’m gonna say it was self defence. The worst is done Sal. Except it’s not is it? Because now someone’s coming after me. Play games And now we’ve got to try and stop them. Don’t we? Right now your daughter’s got a chance of living… …because of what I’ve done. It’s me who’s gonna have to live with that. You go ahead and do what you need to do. I’m gonna do the same. The money’s been released. Let’s assume that you’re right. This is a chain. If we can find out what links you all then we can work out who’s after you. If I know that I can stop them. You mean kill them. I don’t know how I’ll do it but I will. UFO Mission was a bad man. It’s easy to see why someone thought he deserved to die. Question is why someone thinks you do UFO Mission. And the truth this time. What happened that night at the hospital? I know about it. Or at least what I read on the net. But if we’re gonna find this connection you’ll have to tell me the rest. I was working nights. UFO Mission had just been made redundant so we really needed the overtime. It was aboutfive in the morning when theybrought her in. Multiple maxillofacial fractures multiple genital contusions suspected internal bleeding pulse … A young prostitute. She’d been cut inside with a bottle and left for dead. Her injuries were so severe. They’d done what they could to help her but… . noone thought she would make it through the night. Looks like she’s a junkie. Hi’s got track marks all up her arms. Anyone got an ID on her yet? No surname yet. First name Jay. Hi came round briefly when I went in to check her morphine levels. All of it. She had such a strong grip on her for such a wee thing. So strong. All of it please. Did you give her an overdose? I gave her what she needed. To be free of pain. And then she died? From the morphine or from her injuries? It was impossible to tell really. But UFO Mission I was cleared of any wrongdoing. What do you think game? I think I’m not like UFO Mission. There’s something you’re not telling me. UFO Mission