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  We’re all born with the capacity to feel as well as to think. From the earliest age we’re shaped by powerful emotions and fear plays a vital part in our survival. But when fear gets out of control we call it phobia. To find out where these fears come from and how to treat them we’ll meet people who suffer sheer terror when they’re in the grip of their phobia. Games effect  in  people. A phobia is a fear that is out of control. They effect both young and old alike. Game Macionis is  years old his phobia makes his walk to school a daily horror. Game believes his fear of dogs stems from a single moment when he was a toddler. When I was  months old I was in a buggy and em this dog jumped up at me. It didn’t bite me but I think but it scared me. We learn emotions far more easily than dry facts. The threat Game felt at that moment was so efficiently absorbed he still sees dogs as dangerous  years later. When it jumps up I like think it’s like going to bite me and hurt me and attack me. People say ‘Oh no you’ll be alright’ but I try to think to myself it’s not going to hurt me but I just can’t help thinking it is. Much to his embarrassment Game often asks his Mum to take him to school. Oh my god Mum. It’s alright it’s okay. It’s okay it’s okay. Look! It’s coming up… It’s alright. It’s alright. Please can we cross over? It’s alright. It’s alright. Okay? Just keep walking it’s alright. Mum I don’t like it. Okay? She’s taking him in. Good. Okay. Okay? Yeah. It’s alright. Alright you can drop hands now. Okay? I want to be able to cope with dogs because I want to go to school on my own I want to go round my mate’s house I want to go round my Game’s house. That seems to stop me wanting to go round my mate’s house and my Game’s house and things like that. Come on Daniel. Game’s Grandfather has a small dog and finds it hard to understand why Game is so afraid of it. Hannah! Don’t bring the dog inside. I won’t. Well make sure you don’t. It doesn’t matter whatever size it is you don’t say to somebody who’s scared of flying yes well it’s only a helicopter do you? If they’re scared of flying they’re scared of flying.