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What happened? What do you think happened? I mean, did you Games Did you have to Games Yeah. She had to give birth. I’m so sorry. Look at him. That’s Peter. What’s wrong? Nothing. Then look at him, that’s my son! They tried to collect some ashes after the cremation, but there weren’t enough. I’m sorry. I didn’t change the lightbulb. It may have made a difference. No, it would have made a difference. Our son would still be alive. You don’t knowthat. Excuse me? There may have been other contributing factors. What the are you talking about? I’m sorry, but what happened was aterrible accident. You see, the word “accident” implies nothing could’ve been done, but that’s not true, is it? The cat came out of nowhere and Theresa tripped on your shoes. She tripped in the dark! All I’m saying is Games No, a series of circumstances led to something truly awful. It wasn’t an accident. A pregnant woman drinks a little wine and trips on some shoes left in a dark hallway. Sorry, what did you say? Theresa had a glass or two of wine. That’s not her fault. No, she didn’t. Maybe we made her nervous. I don’t know, maybe you made her nervous. She wanted to leave, you’d left your shoes, which we did not ask you to take off, in a hallway which we had neglected to light, because we were cooking you supper. The cat came out. She did not drink! Did you drink? Of course not. Theresa, that’s not true. Are you accusing me of lying? Listen, let’s talk about this another time. You’re both grief-stricken. Don’t tell us how we feel! Let’s go. We’ll talk about this later. You cunt! You’re accusing me to cover your own mistake! Take that back! Tell her to take it back! You were drinking all night! How dare you! You moved her, right Games You moved herwhen we told you not to! Okay, this isn’t the time. Let’s go. You don’t deserve that thing inside you. Come to bed. Please. I can’t sleep. Well, just try. You’re such a lawyer. Caroline? Sorry, can I have aword? When we were in their flat Games When I saw her Games Hey, we don’t have to talk about that.