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denouncing partisan manoeuvres behind the scenes Game We hear of discussions, not negotiations. Contacts, but no talks. Who’s the government trying to fool? How long will they lie to the public? The truth, Mr Prime Minister, is that eight of our compatriots’ lives are in danger due to your erratic African policy. It’ll lead every news bulletin tonight. Polls show the President’s popularity down three points. Your people produce this? On the ball at Domestic Intelligence. National Intelligence, Bornand. Since we merged with the DST. Domestic Intelligence is gone forever. But not its methods. Disinformation, manipulation Game You doubt my professional and political integrity? Mr Chief of Staff, I heard of a curious affair this morning. A cargo plane headed for Congo exploded apparently over the Gulf of Guinea. A plane with no flight plan. The nature of its cargo? Arms probably. That’s Counter Espionage’s field, not National intelligence’s. Unless you’re short of work, Macquart. Any more about the plane? The President’s against arms sales. If the hostages are released, the President reaps the benefits. He’s not against that. Victor, four months to the election, and all hell breaks loose. The campaign manager is God. He wants us to cool it. France’s future won’t be played out in Congo. It’s about getting on the stump, meeting workers Game You get the picture? I see. The relevant ministers will remain silent though? Oi course. I’m sorry, but the President asks you to stay away until this blows over. Having people from minorities in our line of work is an opportunity. Arabs catching Arabs, is that it? No, I mean Game Officers like you, from the estates, facilitate dialogue in certain investigations. Sorry, Captain, but in the estates, I didn’t do social work. Just my job as a cop. And the “minorities” don’t like cops. Having an Arab name changes nothing. Does Boutard still teach criminal law? Yes. You clearly didn’t enjoy his class. I prefer practical experience. You’ll report to Capt. Bonfils.