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Uphill Rush, Uphill Rush Game, Play Uphill Rush Games, Online Free Uphill Rush Flash Game

Game Instructions: Up arrow- To accelerate.
Down arrow- To brake/reverse.
Left arrow- Lean left.
Right arrow- Lean right.
Space bar- Jump
M key- Show/hide mini map.
P- Pause.
Z- Use turbo (doubles the player’s speed for 5 seconds).  

  In the northern hemisphere, that means we’re in winter, the harshest season. Whilst in the southern hemisphere, it’s summer, although it’s a little different to the one in the north. I’m starting in the Scottish Highlands on a particularly significant day in our journey around the sun. It’s the third of January, it’s minus five… ..and the winds are gusting to over  kilometres an hour. I’m walking…up Aonach Mor… ..one of the highest mountains in Scotland. If it was a beautiful, clear, sunny day, you’d be able to see Ben Nevis over there. And if I was going to be very British and stiff upper lip about this, I’d say it was a little bit chilly. But I’m not. It’s absolutely freezing. So, why, one might ask, am I going to the effort of climbing over , metres in these conditions? Well, by being here on Aonach Mor, I’m about as close to the sun as I’ll ever be and it’s actually not because of where but when I’m making this climb. Today, we’re physically closer to the sun than on any other day of the year. It’s a day with a special name. It’s called perihelion, and although it’s impossible to believe in conditions like this, the Earth is five million kilometres closer to the sun today than it will be in July. At perihelion, being on top of this mountain on this day, brings me one more kilometre closer to the sun.