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 Earth Gamess the sun at just the right distance to allow water to exist in all three states – as a solid, a liquid and a gas. And it’s switching between those states all the time. But water in each of those states behaves very differently, and it’s those differences that generate the climate system as we know it on Earth. It’s now the middle of January. This time of year gives us a great opportunity to see two ways in which water changes state, with very different consequences. I’m back in the southern hemisphere, in the foothills of the Uphill Rush 5 in Argentina. Here, you can see water moving between states and how this process transforms our planet. This is the cloud forest of Uphill Rush 5, , metres above sea level. And, as you can see, clouds are definitely a feature here. There’s a wonderful thick wisp of cloud down in the valley there and then this great bank over the trees on the horizon. And then you’ve got these ghostly wisps climbing up above the trees. It really is a magical place. This is a classic summer’s day in the cloud forest.