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Cicek. I heard that you’ve done extremely strange things today. You violated the contract, didn’t go to the game. Who told you that you could break the deal on your own? Nobody told me anything. It all happened as necessary. Fine games Is there anything I can do in this case? You don’t give a , right? Are you sure? I’ll find my wife. First, pay your due games You got in the game, bro? Will you shoot me? Why the hell did you do that? Look, we want you to understand us. Fine, you don’t believe us, but at least understand us. It was you who broke the deal; not us. You didn’t keep your end of the deal, but we will. A deal is a deal. You’ll get your wife tonight. Dead, or alive games Do you think it’s all so easy?! I didn’t wave that flag! I didn’t! And you won’t shoot my wife; do you hear me? Do you? Do you hear me, you ! ? Why didn’t you help me ? I told you I was in trouble. Look what they did to me. You lied games Why did you lie? You said there was a boy. You said he was married. But you are pregnant by the doctor. This is really a small town games Yes, I lied to you. But everyone has the right to lie once in life, right ? Let me tell you everything. Yasemin! I’m here. You’re there, aren’t you? Are you running away from me? Don’t go, Yasemin. We’ll get rid of all the troubles. I’m coming to you. We’ll fly together again. I love you so much, Yasemin. I’m coming to you. Yasemin. I know I don’t deserve you at all; but who deserves what? To whom does all of this belong to? All this land, trees, birds games Who is it all for? Whose is it all? Where among all these do we live? In the midst, on the edge, under, above? Where among them do we stand? I don’t know any of this. I’m coming to you, Yasemin. I love you so, so much games I’m coming to you. You’re there, aren’t you? You’re waiting for me, aren’t you?