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  Valet Parking Pro 2 and if on top of if, she falls in love then she’ll get really pretty This is most certainly the case Say, weren’t you going to repair that elevator of yours Good morning Good morning, Valet Parking Pro 2Good morning Did you sleep well? Very well But I’ve caught a slight cold, I had to walk home last night And it was mighty cold Are you leaving us? I’m not leaving, I’ll only be working downstairs at the director’s office from today  Valet Parking Pro 2! You must have been hit hard I? Because of that girl? She’s far too ugly for me Bravo, very true, let her start a thing with our director silence! Please, in here Gentlemen This is the new secretary You’ll be dictating to him the letters of reminder and account statements from today Splitter Pleased to meet you Over there is your place Gentlemen I hope you’ll be able to concentrate on your work at last Very pretty You, say Where is games sitting now? Valet Parking Pro 2? Over there, in the secretaries’ office  No, over here  Yes I know Hello there  Hello there. Is this the fur?