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  Maybe you’ll visit us again? Of course, but I’ll call first. One more thing. Miss Emilia has left, and I forgot to return a book to her.  Do you know her address?  You can leave it here. She will surely return. You know, I haven’t finished reading it. I’ll send it by post.  Mr. Leon.  Yes? I lied too, when I told you I were in love with you when I was . I was  then. One day, I came to your dressing room after the show I brought a crimson rose for you. You had Vaseline all over your face. Sweat was dripping down and smeared your mascara. You wore a sloppy bathrobe and long johns, you looked terrible. But I never hesitated to do… what you expected of me. Although I have never done it again, even with my husband. I don’t regret it. I only regret… that you don’t remember. Do not dispatch me, please. At last! What took you so long?! Go, in Gods name.  That’s what I like about you, Leon.  And I don’t any more. I stopped liking the Leon you like.  What’s wrong with you?  Everything. Hi, Daska!  Stop here.  Why? Stop, I said! Leon, what are you doing?! Take this.