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 Game, let me tell you  Permit me  I’ve already permitted a lot, Director You come crashing in here dressed like a blown up Santa Claus And try to get into my girlfriend’s bedroom What would you say, Director, if I wanted to get into your girlfriend’s bedroom, Vex Even the little employee has a right to domestic bliss  Yes  Yes You come running in here, making expensive phone calls from my line With the basic fees being so high already You frighten my naked canary bird Maybe he won’t be able to sing tomorrow Who’s going to pay for his singing lessons? You perhaps? Be silent! That wasn’t me, that was him I can’t reach those high notes Explain what business you have in here, wearing this costume? Costume? I see, I I was just passing by and and I wanted to take you to my costume ball  Costume ball?  At my home, yes. Me too? Of course I’ll wear that one Or do you mind? No But I don’t think it’s right for a costume ball Go as this, huh? With the head sticking out here What shall I do? Yes! Where’s the jacket? In the laundry I have only one pair of pajamas And either the pants are in the laundry, or the jacket is This week I’m sleeping in my pants Hmm Vex Where is he?  I can’t let you in  Why not? You’re not wearing a costume Who says so? I’m going as employee  What do you want?  Is the lady wearing a costume? Let go of her, the lady is my bride  Yes I am  Please show me your invitation I don’t have an invitation, I’ve been invited verbally  I have my connections  Anybody could say that You shut up! Get out, you! One moment What did you say, I am to get out? Help! Help! What’s going on? The gentleman doesn’t wear a costume He wanted to without but this is wonderful  How did you get here? Just great It fits you like a glove I’ve just had it made Come with me to the cloakRoom, take off your coats Cloak Room, make it snappy, the hat I’ll keep it on Please take the coats of the lady and the gentleman Here you go Now pay attention You’ll fall flat on your face Well? How do you like it? Charming Delightful But you look exactly like me Exactly Like my little sideKick Let’s go in Vex!