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Thank you all so much. [cheers and applause] [r.E.M.’s man on the moon] andy, did you hear About this one? tell me are you locked In the punch? oh, andy, Are you goofing on elvis? hey, baby, Are you losing touch? oh if you believed They put a man on the moon man on the moon yeah, yeah if you believe there’s nothing up my sleeve then nothing is cool, Whoa for a band that Doesn’t have lineage, A lot ofgreat deal Of narrative And a great deal of lineage In its work, When you look at the whole, It actually kind of makes sense. I think ifyou know, If someone wanted to sit down And listen to all the records One after the other, What you would see is A band growing up And a bandyou know, Each member Kind of becoming Their own thing and changing. [r.E.M.’s discoverer] hey, baby This is not a challenge it just means That i love you as much as i always Said i did i was wrong I have been laughable wrong sandpaper, paper mache, Chalk hung out wet on the city And your skin now na, na, na, na, yeah And we worked really hard. We had a lot of luck. We had a modicum of talent, And we did The best that we could With what we had, and And it turned out good. In fact, great. [chuckles] that just the slightest bit Of finesse might have made A little less mess but it was what it was let’s all get on with it now-ow-ow it’s a little cliche, but we Just got together for fun, And that was all we meant to do, Was just to play some parties And go out and have a good time. i mean, the only reason That we have Any kind of integrity at all Is ’cause This is the way We have to live our lives To feel good, you know? You know, i don’t know The things that the I guess that other people do Are just things that I couldn’t physically do. You know, the concessions That you might have to make, To be successful. we weren’t really trying To become huge Or hugely popular, And we did want to have fun And maybe not have regrets Later in our lives. I don’t have any. I don’t have any. I don’t think Those guys do either. now-ow-ow discover,