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  I, uh, was a television weatherman for  years. These chemtrails are absolutely required to impact whatever weather event they were designing. And the trails were an absolute necessary ingredient for them to achieve their weather modification goals. So we’re finding the aerosols, the metal particulates, all of those can be used and leveraged to create weather events that are several standard deviations or outside what would be typically normal. When the geoengineering really got underway with the Russians in the mid-‘s, we ended up with snow in Miami. We ended up even with frost deep into Mexico. You know, the bizarreness of the weather really exploded on the scene when, uh, when weather engineering got going in the mid-‘s. The Dakotas, in winter, they recorded a temperature of almost  degrees,  degrees. It broke the former record by  degrees. There’s very profound things that people don’t notice. Blue skies almost never. We almost never have dew on the ground. That’s a known consequence of geoengineering, if they did it, which they appear to be.