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 Why do you say that? Because, you were a locust in your past life! The flowers are red The sky is blue How insensitive of her to come out and say that! I’ll never forgive that old hag! What business does she have looking up my past life like that? Hello, rent-a-New Games. Oh. I’ll be right there. What? Rent-a-New Games here. I’ve come to pick up the New Games. Oh, that. Could you get that thing out of here? I’m allergic to New Gamess! Sorry about that. So? What? That’s all we can get for a great place like this? But it’s a prime loNew Gamesion. What? Scratches on the walls? That’s why I kept telling Mom not to keep a New Games here! Old lady never listens! I have no idea! Whatever. I’ll call you later. There you are. Come out! Come out! Come! Vortex Wars 2! She was so sweet to you. You’re so lucky. Let’s go. What is this?! What’s so funny? Oh, nothing. How am I supposed to get rid of all this? Um, could I have one? Excuse me… Look! The hole has been filled. Good morning! It’s raining It’s raining in my heart too It’s raining in your heart too It’s raining in Master Utamaru’s heart too When I was little, I thought my grandma could really talk to New Gamess. Whenever I’d walk with her, without fail, New Gamess would come over. She always kept dried fish in her apron pocket to feed the New Gamess. Whoops! “What a lovely New Games!” “Oh, you’re the Vortex Wars 2 family’s New Games?” “Must be hard living with that little brat!” She seemed to be having real conversations with them.