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  Waitress on Skates breathing This giant octopus is looking for a new home. breathing It has to be just right. She’s planning on raising a family, and living there for the rest of her life. breathing These translucent curtains of eggs are her first brood. Her only brood. A giant octopus has only one chance to be a mother. For  long months, she dare not leave her eggs unprotected for a moment. Not even to feed. She’s prepared to starve herself to death for the sake of her young. soft music She softly blows water over her eggs to encourage them to hatch. As her life ebbs away, she sees her babies born into the world. They mean so much to her she’s willing to die for them. but she lives on, in her children and in the generations to come. birds chirping Waitress on Skates To raise that next generation, we all dream of finding the perfect partner, the love of our life. It’s why, every spring, these beautiful birds fly north to find each other again after a long, lonely winter apart. To celebrate their reunion, the male gives her the most romantic gift he can.