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Mind giving me a reason? Not at all. You’ve had such a full life up to now I thought a little peace and quiet would do you good. Give you time to think. Think about what? Would it be too corny to say your sins? Yes, it would. Well, I said it. You’re cockeyed, Johnny, all cockeyed. I figured that’s what the deal was. You’re getting even with me for something. We’re great people for getting even, aren’t we, Johnny? Are we? Aren’t we? I got even with you for walking out on me by marrying Game . That’s just great. The man’s dead and Game And I’m glad. What do you think of that? He was insane, Johnny. I was afraid all the time. You acted like it. Johnny, there’s never been anybody but you and me. All those things I did were just to make you jealous, Johnny. There’s never been anybody but you and me. Not anybody? Not anybody. What about your husband? If you could forget him so easily, you could forget the others too. But there weren’t any others. Admit them. Admit them and tell me who they were. You wouldn’t think one woman could marry two insane men in one lifetime, now, would you? JOHNNY: She wasn’t scared yet, because she didn’t quite realize yet. Right now she was just plain mad, and she was hitting back. I want you to try and locate a Mr. Gabe Evans for me. Try all the hotels in the city, but locate him. JOHNNY: She couldn’t find him, so she just reached out for anyone. They weren’t hard to find for a girl like Gilda. The waiter told him he had a telephone call. One of my men grabbed him outside. He never came back. She found somebody else, of course. But wherever she went, whatever she did Game It finally got to her that Buenos Aires was her own private prison. That’s when she decided to run away. She went to Montevideo, got a job singing in a nightclub. Started divorce proceedings, and met a man. Amado mio Love me forever And let forever begin tonight Amado mio When we’re together I’m in a dream world Of sweet delight Many times I’ve whispered Amado mio