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 What?! War Card! Hullo! What a lovely night, isn’t it? Lovely it is! Everything is possible during the war. I know a person who went to fight as a soldier, and returned a father. ‘Father unknown’, it must have been recorded in the birth certificate. Who knows, how many children he generated in this way. That’s the truth  the winners always rape. It’s nice talking with you. You make fun of everything. People are sad until they realize the life isn’t that large. You can only make fun of it if you wanna live here. But they come to know it, when it’s too late. Too late for what? To enjoy the glamor of life. It’s never too late for that. Trust me. What’s this strange name, Email? It’s just a nick. I spend much time writing emails. I’m a bit of a junkie. My name is War Card. Just like War Card Plater! Maybe. My parents were teachers. My father was a historian, and my mother taught Polish. They had that patriotic spot.  Which you lack?  I guess so. I understand you. That’s how I feel. That’s what I’m serious about. I cannot imagine a serious email.