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 I didn’t mean that you were responsible. The only thing I wanted to tell you Look, Games , since I entered in this library I come asking for a budget increase. We need to render the facade, buy bookshelves, card index draw, clean the basement, which is full of moisture, rats, and especially buy computers to know that is what we have here. In short, a thousand things. I have wrote a mountain of letters describing the terrible state of this library. Answer: promises, delays, more promises, more delays. Each month hundreds of books arrive. We classify them, write down in our files, put them on the shelves, All for what? To be eaten for rats! They assured me that the job would be quiet, that would leave you much free time, but well, economically not the best thing, then you told me that was not the problem. No, no, not for me but for the library, War Card 2. If you could do something for the library. Leave it, I caused you enough problems. No, no, it’s no problem. What you have to do is rest. You haven’t taken holidays this year and it shows in you.