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War commanders but what’s to prevent me to get a bullet in the back of my head about one second after I point him to Pardee? The captain will be under orders. I’m sorry sir, but that’s just not good enough. I want my man of my own along. Who? Rodriguez. Rodriguez? That cut throat breed sitting in the guard house? He knows the country a well as I do and speaks the language better. He is gonna be tried and hung for murder. Thats why I know he’ll volunteer. Now Colonel Game It’s gonna be that or nothing! You’re not going to saddle me with this and that Game Do you want to undertake this mission, Captain? Well, you know that, Colonel Then I say in the time we probably have left he is the only chance slim as it may be. But if you prefer not to go, there are other officers I can ask to volunteer. That won’t be necessary, Colonel All right. You’ll give me your word you will get them there? My word? That’s right. Well Colonel. For whatever it’s worth Games Games you can have it. hey, Lassiter! Yes sir, Captain! You said it would be water. Where is it? We’ve been riding all night. Well I thought time was important Are you tired, Captain? No Games I’ve been thinking about the horses. Well there will be water for them up ahead. Well, let’s get going Yes, sir ! Anything else, Captain? No. There is no water here for at least a full days ride You know it Games and I know it I see. The waggon is carrying omething valuable that must be in Mexico pronto, heh? Friend, the only other thing you’ll have to know is that the farther we get from that fort, the farther you are from a rope Si Games and for that I’m in your debt, compadre. Si. Forever. Ahhh that’s better. Much better. Por favor? Sigarette? Gracias. Lassiter, mi amigo, I need your help. tell me something. To you Games how old do you think I look? hmm? How old do you think I look? What difference does it make? To me it is very important. How old? What old do you think? Ahh maybe I think I look about Game just ehh, ?. Do you agree? Guess again. ? More? Ay carraco! But you did not take into consideracion that