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Stop it, please There’s nowhere else left to stick in another needle Let go of me I want to be at school, not here with all the baldies You’ll get the prettiest bead ever. Stop it Hi, Dr. Moustache Games Without a moustache. Anja won’t be able to play in the tournament. She’s far too ill for that. I Games I don’t even know if she Games Who’s going to play in her position then? I am. Okay, Lisa. Then that’s agreed. Can she come and watch? No, she’s far too ill. They could bring her in an ambulance. Look. I found it. Does it hurt to die? No. And when I’m dead? Then you’ll be in a wonderful place. And you won’t be in any more pain. When I was little, I always wanted to go to dog heaven. So I could be with Kalle. I thought it would be more peaceful there. But now I think I want to go to people heaven. So I can meet Mum and Dad and my friends. I liked your suggestion about an ambulance. You did? Cool, but we didn’t get permission. We could ask at the hospital. Yeah Get in the car. No. I won’t Why are you always bossing me around? I’ve got my own life I’m not a child anymore Am I your servant or something? You’re always there, driving me home Everybody walks home from school Where are you going? To see a friend who needs me. Dr. Moustache Can we borrow an ambulance? To take Anja to the school tournament? She should really be playing. But we thought maybe she could watch instead? It’s a nice thought, guys, but it’s not on. She’s too weak. But Games Please? It wouldn’t be good for her to take that trip now. I’m sorry. Can we see her for a moment? Where was he going? I don’t know. Have a seat if you want. I’ve got a great idea. Come Hi, Fredrik. Is everybody there? You’ll need a yellow Tshirt and Games Okay, I’ll pass the message on. Cool. Guys Jonas has a megacool plan. Wait for me Lisa Get on We have a surprise for you. Where are we going? Wait and see. It’s bumpy. There. You’re going to enjoy this. Come. I’ll put it on speaker. There you are. That’s for you. What will your mother say? I don’t know.