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We need to have one here too! But you have to find the goods first? There’s some right there! What is it? Are you offended? Nobody asked you! The motorcycle was stolen. A man that comes from Palermo with a letter from your husband, isn’t the type that arrives riding a stolen motorcycle. Understand? A thief doesn’t bring money to the wife of a guy who is known at the pub. If you follow? Game So, it was faked then? Perhaps it’s not even true that a man brought money to the house? What? Yes, come in. Maybe you’re lying to help someone? What do you mean ‘someone’? And who should I help? Who can assure me that Don Mariano didn’t send you to purposely confuse things? So that’s what you think? Even though I came here?! Yes, but you also went to Don Mariano’s. And it wasn’t to sell your eggs Game But if it was your woman, wouldn’t you go to look and to ask someone? I’m doing it for my husband! Just accept it, they murdered him. Yes, the same way they killed Colasberna. He was too dangerous alive. But they want us to believe he is alive. And to save themselves, they discredit you. At the moment they’re coming up with a false testimonies to make out that you were Colasberna’s lover. Yes, and sooner or later they’ll have to judge them. I’ve only ever been with my husband. Noone else has ever seen me naked! Ok, let’s suppose that I’m mistaken, and that he returns home Game Game and when he returns, what does he find? A person that decent women don’t stop to say hello to, someone that men stop on the street as if they could take her to bed whenever they wanted! Well it’s better that he doesn’t return then Game Rosa, let these people hang! Where do you think I live Captain?! I live among these people, and when I walk past it’s as if they’re undressing me with their eyes. I feel naked! When I tell you that eyewitnesses saw Colasberna together with that woman Game Game Rosa Nicolosi. It’s a precise account of which there cannot be any doubt about.