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These two scoundrels cold bloodedly kidnapped me! Shut it! We’ve strict instructions not to believe a word you say. This is outrageous! Control? Control? Oh, hello, Uwe. Marion. Hi, there. Uwe Registered vehicle owner check, please. For HH-FU . Just a sec, Uwe, dear. There’s something fishy going on. I agree. We call him Berni the Beak. He can smell trouble a mile away. We think it’s a dead pole This is Marion. Go ahead. The vehicle was reported stolen two days ago. Huh? I thought you’d borrowed it! Be careful, Berni! Calm down, Lukas! For ‘s sake, Adam! Berni! Shit! Isn’t that Dirk Kowalski? I should’ve let you two rot in there. They’ve dropped the murder charge. Kowalski died of a heart attack caused by stress. I’m about to do the same. Why did you kidnap my grandpa? We didn’t kidnap him In a stolen motorhome? Are you nuts? I I What? They’ve seized the motorhome as evidence. And the camera? Gone. All for nothing because of you putzes. I don’t know how I’m going to explain it to Mila and my family.