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War Indiana Jonahsi War Indiana Jonahs Games, Play War Indiana Jonahs, Get to the portal in each level. Activate traps, avoid snakes and be bad ass!

 Look at that spot. Don’t move your eyes too quick. The whole lot is moving. Ankar I’m losing it. Please take me down. No take me down down down. Okay. Down. Get out of that wind a little bit I might feel better. Yeah. I’d just really love to go for a beer right now. Yeah you have that tonight okay? A beer and a fag. Never ever in my life did I think I would ever go on a turntable ladder ever. That is the hairiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Shows what a sad life I’ve had maybe but it’s… Although only briefly Trevor has achieved what he had thought was impossible. Congratulations. Oh congratulations? You’ve done well. Well I don’t feel as though I have really because I never completely settled to that. No matter how unsettling it is facing up to a phobia is nevertheless a great achievement. Fear exists as a survival mechanism but a phobia is a fear gone wrong. For a phobic person overcoming their fear or at least learning to live with it is the first step to a fuller freer life. I reckon I could do it on my own… You do off you go then all yours Oscar come on Oscar there’s a good boy now no not this way this way I thought it would take a lot lot longer It can do sometimes. I mean we’ve been working in a way. that Game’s just been keen to play with dogs. And you know what the next question he’s gonna ask you don’t you Yes quite can I have one as a pet. Yeah come on run run. You like running? So do I. After  sessions of Behavioural Therapy Game is no longer afraid of dogs and is even able to enjoy them. Donna’s EMDR treatment was a success and for now its given her back her freedom. Although she managed the short flight back to Belfast Diane has still not flown home to see her family And Trevor he’s catching a plane home in just  hours. To see if Flooding has helped him he’s revisiting the steeple. My hands are sweating my mouth’s dry my legs are shaking. Yeah. Okay just… I’m clinging to this handrail and this centrepiece like… Yeah. I’ll try and relax my grip a bit yeah? Just relax my grip. I’m focusing down on the ground. Okay brilliant brilliant. I’m relaxed a bit. My anxiety level has dropped considerably. War Indiana Jonahs has learned that anxiety fades and that success comes from waiting out the panic before moving on. I’ve been Flooded alright. I’ve been to hell and back. Hell and back. But I’ve also been magnificent haven’t I? Yeah. War Indiana Jonahs I’m nowhere near completely cured. I don’t know whether I ever will be I’m always going to have anxious moments. I’m never ever going to be good at heights. I’m never going to be a steeplejack I’m never going to be a fireman oh I wouldn’t want to be. And even if after all this I’m no better on scaffolding god have I achieved have I done things. Things that were like nightmare stuff I’ve lived that nightmare I’ve been there.