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War Road Of Fury Whoa! Yeah? Huh? Oh, boy! :. Getting close. I hope you’re not that fast in the sack. Oh, boy. Wrap it up, speedy. Huh? We got a mission. Huh? Not a combat mission. Rescue. B en route to kanton never made it so looks like those boys ditched. A lot of ocean. Yeah. And, uh, they got us some new crew. We get a new plane? This is just like sitting in a living room trying to fly the house. They’ve been taking parts off this for other planes. We’re lucky it’s still got an engine. Lieutenant says it’s airworthy. It’s been certified, he says. By Helen Keller. Lot of ocean. Yeah. Lot of ocean. Mitchell. Yeah. You’re up. So a duck walks into a bar, right? Or, waddles, if you will. So, he walks into the bar game Uhhuh. He says to the bartender, “can I have a crème de menthe?” Hang on, there. Number one is out. Other engines are burning more fuel. Gotta feather it. Hey, uh game What’s his name? I don’t know. Engineer? Can you come up to the cockpit and feather the engine? What’s going on, guys? Copilot to radio. Send to base. Which one? The left. We need more on the right. That’s all we got on the right. We need more on the right! That’s all we got on the right. Damn it! Left engines are both gone. That’s everything on the right, Phil. Okay. Hey, Phil? Yeah? Is this a game Prepare to crash. Waist gunner! Get the rations box. Tie the guns down. Who’s on the raft? Glassman! Send mayday. Is everyone in position? Anyone on the rafts? Yeah. I got it! Mayday, mayday, mayday! This isgreen hornet. We are going down. Mayday, mayday, mayday! Okay. Everybody brace. Brace! In an astounding performance, negro American Jesse Owens from Ohio state has won four gold medals in the meter, the meter the long jump and the meter relay. Next up, the , meter with America’s recordbreaking don lash leading the American team. Along with newcomer Louie zamperini. Fertig! And already, three sections of runners have formed with America’s don lash and the Finnish salminen and höckert ahead of the pack. The Finns always the favorite