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Lukas! Adam! Where are you? I don’t know! I told you this clan would only bring trouble. Mila, come out! Heinz-Dieter, really. Adam, there you are. Where’s Lukas? Finish it, Adam! Just a minute! The wedding movie. Right Give it to me. Here we go everybody! Step right up now! Step right up! Here we go! It’s show time! You look terrific, Mrs. Knackstedt. That’s good. Carry on, it’s awesome. Dear Martin, dear Mila. When I first met your grandmother Lydia, my beloved Lydi, God rest her soul, she was working in a raffle ticket booth at the Hamburg Port Anniversary. I knew right away that she was the first prize. So I bought all the raffle tickets and offered to treat her to a fish roll with my last mark. Now, she didn’t like fish but nevertheless I’d won her heart. You never know where love is going to strike, and if you find it, you should never let it go again. So on that note, I wish you both the very best. From the bottom of my heart. Watch out, Willi. This is the best part. One more thing. And never forget, my dear Martin, that you measure a person by the quality of their friends.