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War within He probably witnessed a thousand drivebys. And this is what gets him? In my opinion, lieutenant Game Desean thought too much.I know. We just gotta blast this terrorist son of a bitch and fly away. Exactly. I mean, we’re not like the fighter jocks who just drop iron and take off. We gotta stick around and watch for squirters. Squirters?Yeah, squirters are people who survive the splash and then take off running. We deal with them as ordered, then we vid the body parts of the dudes we just took out.Oh, Jesus Christ. Hey, sue, we’re not getting paid to bake oatmeal cookies. And make babies. A few edup dreams come with the territory. Go full on the road.Copy. I wish they’d get the hell inside Game That way they won’t see their dad getting blasted to bits. I’m sorry I told you those stories about desean and the squirters. I’m just trying to get you prepared for what you need to do. My dad always used to tell us stories Game CHUCKLES About flying over hanoi at night, three migs on his ass, Russian sams exploding all around him. CHUCKLES His buddy Tommy going down in flames. SCOFFS Guess I’ll Game Tell my kids about the time I pushed a button Game And watched a dead man’s family pick his arms and legs off the road. Yeah, the first time’s weird. JETS PASSING OVERHEAD You’ll get used to it. It’s nothing like being in a real fighter jet. My old man never told me a story. All I remember is playing flyboy with him. More like stepping on an ant. There’s no danger. That’s fine by me. I mean, I’m . Shit. I don’t wanna die until I’ve had a threesome Game With Game both women. God, it’s ing hot in here. All right. Gonna try the a.C. One more time.CLICKS Ow! RATTLESSIGHS Ah. You know, I almost didn’t wear this today. Oh yeah? Why not? What, a combat flight suit when we’re sitting in a ing airconditioned trailer? DISTORTED We wish. I feel like a ing fraud don’t you? No, I don’t Game Ask all the terrorist sons of bitches I wasted if they think I’m a fraud. I’m proud to be defending my country, lieutenant. You need to quit trying to impress your old man.