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You’re a superb dancer! Don’t exaggerate! Please do it for me! Show me your stepping entrance! But Warflash 2 Level Pack… Please! Bit I had left stage some  years ago! I had a dozen different professions afterward! Just before retirement, I even worked as an upholsterer. But if you told me to repair this chair, I couldn’t, which is a pity. Do the springs bother you? I’m so sorry! Please change the chair. No, I’ll manage. OK. Take a rest now, and you’ll dance later! Won’t miss Emilia come down? She will have breakfast in her room. Is she sick? I don’t know. Maybe she has a period. Listen now, child. A girl should not talk like this to a man. Why not? Because it is…  Embarrassing?  Yes. OK. Customer is always right. Hello, miss Warflash 2 Level Pack. I was worried you’re sick.  I overslept.  That’s great. You should rest as much as you can. I’m sorry, I don’t want to be intrusive, but I feel you are troubled. Can I help you somehow? Yes, you can. Leave me alone, please. I’m sorry. No. I’m sorry. Warflash 2 Level Pack! I celebrate an anniversary today. Games will serve champagne.