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I’ll find them for you. It was so nice meeting you, Zoe. I’ll see you later. Well that was a short interview. You sure you don’t wanna push a little harder? Not yet. Whatever she saw, she’s clearly traumatized. We’ll take it slow. She’ll open up when she’s ready. Let’s hope so. I’m going to need access to the scene. Why? Zoe asked me to pick up a few things. You wanna take evidence from my crime scene? A little girl’s dolls are probably not the smoking gun you’re looking for. Ah, yeah. Cozy I guess. Well we found narcotics in the master bedroom. You think this could be drug related? I don’t know. At this point anything and everything is possible. First responders found the girl in a room down the hall. FOREBODING MUSIC Well it’s cheerful enough. Yeah, seems to all be window dressing though. Turns out the Holezers were always taking in MUMBLING. One after the other. Neighbors said the kids always looked shabby. Dressed in Goodwill clothes. Always two sizes too big or too small. Miss Holezer though. She always dressed to the nines with a new car in the driveway. Could be a murder. Yeah, could be. Anyhow, angry broke parent or juvenile delinquent, giving the revolving door situation, I’m sure we’re not gonna have a short list of suspects to sift through. GROWLING Did you find what you’re looking for? What is this? MILES Yeah that’s ugly. It’s scary. Yeah, scary as well. All right uhm, ready to go? Impatient detective? Actually, bored stiff, doctor. All right. And that is why Santa has nine reindeer. Do you think Santa will remember to come here for us? How can he, there’s no chimney in the hospital. Oh that’s just not true. What? Remember yesterday when I took you out for a walk? Remember that huge smokestack by the tall building behind the garden? KID IN WHEELCHAIR Yeah. Well, that’s our chimney. And that is how Santa is gonna come, and bring you all a bunch of presents on Christmas Eve. That’s not true. Zoe. What do you mean, Zoe? That’s not a chimney. It’s a smokestack. The smoke that comes out is from the bodies of the people that they burn after they die here.