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Warrior Girl Dress Up We got a visitor. All right. Who might you be, man? Lyon. What? Lyon. Lyon. Lyon? Lyon? What the is Lyon? Lion! The Lion! All right, all right. Who wants to take on the Lion? Who wants to take on the Lion? Somebody’s got to take on the damn Lion. Hey, there’s my man now. We got a fight now, baby. Yeah, let’s get ready for this one. Bets down. Get your bets down. I got $. $. Which one do you want? Ain’t nobody going to bet on the Lion? Thats it! Bets over, bets over. Bets over, everybody. Bets over. Hey, my man. Look here. You sure you want to do this, my man? I’m the only one betting on you. Don’t let me down. This is ours if you beat this dude. It’s going right here. Trust me, man. Can you beat him? Kick his lion ass. All right, all right. Get it on. Hyah! That’s good, man, good. I don’t believe this. I got me a man here. You see this? That’s it, my man. Damn, boy! Hey! You see that shit? Look at this here! You a bad motherer with that foreign shit. Put it right there. You bad, boy. What the you doing, man? Get out of my pocket. All right, it. Take it. It’s your money any goddamn way. Wait, let me count Game Thanks. Let me count this shit. Hey, wait a minute. You didn’t give me enough. You’re a good fighter, but you can’t count worth shit. The number you have dialed is no longer in service and there is no new number. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, hang up and dial again. Nobody home? No. Goddamn, man, don’t be lookin’ at the damn sandwich. Eat it. It won’t hurt you. You’re the Lion, king of the jungle. You want to get to L.A., huh? Yeah. Hey, thank you very much, man. I’ll get you back in L.A., all right? Thank you for paying the check. Yeah, sure. That is where you’re going, L.A.? Yeah. Can you take me there? Damn straight, baby. When? That depends on you, my man. We have to see some people. You understand? Hey, now. What’s happening? May I help you gentlemen? Here to see the lady. You’ll have to be more specific. Cut the shit. Tell her Joshua’s here with someone I think she’d like to meet.