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Hye-ji! Min-hee! Damn it. Give it! ! I knew you would hit me. Why are you guys doing this? I knew it! Get off of me! Nam Hye-ji. Do you know how many crimes you were charged with? If it weren’t for your friend, you’d be framed for all of them. Who should I put down as your guardian? Let go of me! Calm down, ma’am! Hye-ji! Ma’am… Hye-ji… You can’t come in here. Let me go. You look so unwell. Come on, let’s go home. Ma’am, please calm down. Let’s go. Let go of me! Hye-ji… You’re Hye-ji, right? People keep telling me that you’re not. But I won’t believe it. You said that you’re Hye-ji. Look at me. Look at your grandma. I’m sorry. Then… Where’s Hye-ji? My Hye-ji… Where is she? You need to calm down. Let’s go sit down. The security camera caught you and your daughter confessed. You can’t deny it. So, just give up. Hye-ji is dead. Hye-ji… I miss grandma. Take me back to her. I told you to stop mentioning her! Why do you keep doing it? We can’t afford to raise two kids. If you’re worried about money… Stop gambling. Why do you bring that up? Why wouldn’t I? You kidnapped her! No, I didn’t! You brought her whatever you feel! I will raise up her. Am I wrong? I’m from KIG Insurance. I’m looking for Nam Hyun-cheol. You’ll have to look for him yourself. Is there a Nam Hyun-cheol here? That would be me. We saw the pictures from today’s accident. It says here that you have two daughters. Nam Eun-joo is my biological daughter. I’ll record the two deaths. Hye-ji… At least you survived. I know you’re going through a hard time but there’s some paperwork you need to fill out. I’m terribly sorry. What a horrible father. How could he use his children? Switching his own child to commit insurance fraud… Nam Eun-joo That bastard. Ma’am! Mrs. Hong! Mrs. Hong! It wasn’t prostitution, right? You lured him to the motel only to steal his money. Prosecutor Kim Min-sung I’ll take your silence to mean ‘yes’. Do you admit to committing identity theft? Thumbprint, please. Who is this? This is Seok-ho and my grandma. This is Toya,