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Anja, where would you most like to be right now? Are you kidding? At home. That’s what it was. That’s lucky, because that’s precisely where you’re going. If you promise to take it easy. Party Anja Take it easy, I said. Anja Do you want to wear the blue jacket? Yes Games Kim has had a relapse. Hi. Nervous? No. Listen Games Listen to me now. I know that you’re impatient, but you must promise to take it easy. OK? Sure. I promise. You do? Your treatment isn’t finished, so you have to come back several times. My God, nag, nag, nag Why do you worry so much? You’re the best doctor in the world, and you’re going to make me well. For now it’s to you, Anja. Anja Are you ready? Anja? Yeah, yeah. Good luck making this look good on you, Kalle. Actually, I think you do look quite good. Anja You can keep it. Yes, I’m coming I have to do this myself. Are you sure? Yes. Okay. So after three weeks you’ll have the first stage Games Games or rather the second stage of the Marguerite Daisy. And after about four months of growth you have a fully grown daisy. Here are some plants that don’t Games Hi, Anja Hi, Anja Welcome back. How nice to see you. I’ve got a cap on today too We can have a fashion show A hat show Yeah Jonas Aren’t you going to join in? It’s childish. There. Look at you, Jonas Berg. Now it’s your turn, Anja Solbakken. Nice bowling ball, Anja Spread out a bit more Defence, you have to advance Lisa Further up Here I’m open Jonas, no Red card She fell, that’s all. Are you okay, Anja? You fell, right? Are you okay? ing cancer Do you want some water? Just leave me alone, okay? Okay. Come on, Lisa. Let’s carry on, everyone Hi. I am going to get well again. You’re really good at drawing. Nah Games I mean it. Your drawings always make me laugh. Are you feeling better now? She’s fine. She’s sitting there snogging her boyfriend. Why are you looking so green? Jealous? Yeah, of your hairless skull. Hey You take that back. Yes, I’m coming. Mummy’s boy He’s not as tough as he thinks. There. Should I have more hearts? You and your hearts Games Why did you put up Jonas’ drawing?